Pro and Cons- Fakes or designer sunglasses, what do you go for?

Pro and Cons- Fakes or designer sunglasses, what do you go for? Sunglasses are without a doubt the most fashionable power accessory out there. Irreplaceable what comes to insuring a healthy eyesight and a killer sense of style, sunglasses are a hot trend which is here to stay. Regardless of our age or personal fashion style, designer sunglasses are the final touch of mysterious elegance which every outfit needs. At the same time, quality sunglasses are absolutely indispensable to establishing [...]


Get ready for Melbourne Cup – The most fashionable event of the year!

Melbourne Cup 2017- one of the most enthralling events of the year is almost upon us!   The day which captivates the entire Australian continent and makes a whole country stop in its tracks to celebrate is finally almost here! Set on November 7th in Flemington Racecourse Melbourne, this year’s Melbourne Cup event entitled “The 2017 Emirates Melbourne Cup” promises to offer sassy fashion, heart-felt excitement and brilliantly entertaining moments. The preparations for the festive Melbourne Cup 2017 are almost done and [...]


4 tips on how to pick the perfect Designer Sunglasses

Picture courtesy of Have you ever struggled with picking out a pair of sunglasses which suit both your face and your personality? We know you have, because so did we. That is why, we have done our research and went ahead to compile detailing the best 4 tips on how to pick the perfect sunglasses. These useful tips will work for you regardless of age or personality, so make sure you read our bubbly post till the end before [...]


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